Black Theatre Alliance Award (BTAA) for Best Leading Actress Actress!!!!!!

Jeff nomination for Actress in Principle Role!

Black Excellence Award Nomination for Theatre!

"In some of its more fascinating moments, Sunset Baby is a play about two men of different generations trying to force cracks in the shell of a woman they love, to the extent that they have allowed themselves to love her. ... [Ron OJ] Parson's TimeLine production is very solid ... Sunset Baby is well worth seeing. And [AnJi] White is unstinting. " Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune. Full Review

"A volcanic TimeLine Theatre production brilliantly directed by Ron OJ Parson, and performed by a trio of actors — with a starmaking turn by actress AnJi White — sure to leave you gasping for breath. ... It is, quite simply, one of the more breathtaking performances you will see all season."  Hedy Weiss, Chicago Suntimes. Full Review


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"...the pivotal Lady in Red, AnJi White — especially intense for me, but surely for you, too. The thing about the Lady in Red is that she has a play all of her own...White, whose performance is really transformative, grasps what lies hidden." Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune.  Full Review

"And then there is the Lady in Red (the invariably powerhouse actress AnJi White), who brilliantly recounts the harrowing story of how her murderous husband abused her and used their two innocent young children as hostages." Hedy Weiss, WTTW. Full Review

"AnJi White is a chameleon, delivering two of the most powerful and radically different monologues of the night. The first explores the complexities of seduction and body image and asks, can this world love a plain black woman? The second describes a nearly unspeakable tragedy..." Sheri Flanders, Chicago Reader. Full Review

"Anji White’s final piece is astounding in its clarity and in its pain. Scored like a piece of music, supported by each of these phenomenal actors, White performs the Herculean feat that is the final monologue about Beau Willie Brown with a rare dexterity and strength." Regina Victor, Rescripted. Full Review


"Morisseau's characters, particularly in the hands of this superb cast and under the direction of Ron OJ Parson at Northlight Theatre, are utterly believable, and the language, a rich and real urban African-American vernacular, possesses just the right grounded lyricism. It's worth noting that this version of the play runs nearly a half-hour longer than the New York production. Parson lets silences in, relaxes the playing, letting scenes unfold at a very realistic-style pace. Still, the evening feels taut, never languorous or dull".  Steven Oxman, Chicago Sun Times. Full Review

"Happily, though, the director Ron OJ Parson pushes back against any nostalgic romanticism and he keeps “Skeleton Crew” sufficiently anarchic and generally on the edge that the personalities of the richly acted characters are able to pop with life." Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune. Full Review.


"...One of the most striking features of her performance is her invariably statuesque posture." Lawrence Johnson, Chicago on the Aisle. Full Interview

"Kate (AnJi White) is a sexy, strong-minded woman...
easily commands the room, and the bedroom." Hedy Weiss, SunTimes. Full Review

"This brilliant script foreshadows the rise of feminist power in early English dynasties even with an all powerful king. This drama is made relevant by  the commanding performance from AnJi White making  The Last Wife really AnJi White’s play"  Tom Williams, ChicagoCritic. Full Review

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"White counters Lyons’ cold detachment with a warmth. Whether playing a cat or a soldier, White skillfully handles the drama with humor and honesty. White’s feistiness helps Lyons release some tension and confront the truth."  Katy Walsh, The Fourth Walsh for ITHAKA. Full Review

"Anji White successfully realizes the role of the joyous sidekick Evie who cannot be quieted even by death." - David Zak, Chicago Stage Standard for ITHAKA. Full Review

"White's charisma when paired with Lyons helps both Lanie, and ultimately Stolowitz's play, come alive."- Dan Jakes, Timeout Chicago for ITHAKA. Full Review

"White is simply tremendous as Evie." - Kat Hey, Chicago Theatre Beat. Full Review



Black Theatre Alliance Award for Best Ensemble!!!

AnJi White is the sassy representative of the hip-hop generation." -Hedy Weiss, SunTimes. Full Review

Jeff Nomination for Best Ensemble!


BTAA Nomination for Best Ensemble!

"White’s performance not only makes Undine’s rise and clinging to power completely believable, but she’s just vulnerable enough for us to understand why love is Undine’s weak point which led to her downfall.".  Jacob Davis, Chicago Critic.  Full Review


"As an opportunity for handsome acting of clear perspectives, Mud, River, Stone works. The strong cast is universally convincing and precise, managing to humanize even the thinnest and most unsympathetic characters."  Benno Nelson, TimeOut Chicago. Full Review